Isabelle Jayde Candle Company

Victoria Herbert established the Isabelle Jayde Candle Company in 2013. It is named after her two older daughters; they, along with her third daughter and her son, are the inspiration behind everything Victoria does.

Initially, making candles for family and friends was a hobby she enjoyed with her daughter Jayde, and things developed from there.  In addition to having a permanent home at Plumes Emporium and selling online, Victoria attends local markets whenever possible, which has allowed the business to grow from strength to strength. The company has been with Plumes from the very beginning in April 2019 and is one of Plumes’ great assets. Today the business continues to allow her to work from home and be present for her children.

Isabelle Jayde’s eco-friendly product range includes:

  • Crystal and floral infused soy wax candles
  • Traditional candles
  • Melting cubes
  • Crystal infused bath soak

The candles are hand-poured and the crystals have been charged under the light of the full moon, filling them with lunar magick and energy and positive intentions. So infused, their candles continue to spread magick even after their final burn. Wash the crystals with warm soapy water and continue to enjoy their soothing vibrations.

“The creative process is definitely my favourite part of the business, but I also love getting out … and meeting the customers. Hearing their feedback is so rewarding and really cements in my heart that I am on the right path,” says Victoria.