Faye Hope Handmade Scarves

Bendigo-born Faye’s hand crafted scarves, cowls and hats were initially developed from a need to exercise her mind, hands and soul, her passion for colour and texture, and her love for the handcrafted.

In 2014 Faye found herself unable to crochet or knit due to carpel tunnel pain. Not being able work with the yarn’s colours and textures, Faye searched the internet and craft books for alternative ways to keep creative. She discovered that finger knitting did not cause her discomfort, although she then had a problem with what to do with the large amounts of finger-knitted cord she produced. After more research, Faye developed her ‘Loose Loop Cowl’.

Making more than she could wear or gift to family, she
started selling them to work mates and friends, then on her local buy swap and sell sites before eventually selling at local markets.

Amazingly, Faye found that, along with arm stretches, the finger knitting became a carpel tunnel exercise; the pain gradually subsiding to the point where, three years later, crochet and knitting became a possibility. That is when hats and beanies were added to her growing collection.

Local winter markets being so cold, Faye searched around for a permanent undercover market for her products. Plumes Emporium was happy to welcome Faye Hope Handmade Scarves in April 2019.

“This is the most wonderfully inspiring place to be a part of, and my heart sings every time I enter the building,” said Faye. “Thank you Plumes Emporium family for allowing me to be a part of this incredible place in the heart of Golden Square, across the road from where I grew up.”