Benjamin Jay Books

Ben Iser, Julia Birch and Katerina Hanzl set up Benjamin Jay Books in November 2017. From April 2019 they have been based at Plumes where they continue their love of books – particularly the uncommon, hard-to-find, out-of-print, quirky and the collectable.

Ben unfortunately passed away in late 2021 and is greatly missed by both the Benjamin Jay and Plumes communities. He had dabbled in the book trade as either manager or co-owner for almost 20 years, having worked in Melbourne’s largest bookshop and Bendigo’s smallest. He also wrote and edited and had been published.

Julia is a published freelance editor, writer and researcher of many years, with an additional background in newspaper advertising in the UK and Australia, and journalism here in Australia. She is also a published poet and has a WordPress site for her writing.

Kit has gained her Master of Publishing and Communications, having completed an internship with Affirm Press in Melbourne, and another at The Melbourne Writers Festival. She has spent the past ten years writing a series of fantasy novels which she hopes to one day have published, and is also interested in graphic design.

Benjamin Jay has an eclectic range, Ben focused on speculative fiction, music, military, science and graphic novels, while Julia is interested in fiction, poetry, children’s and vintage collections. They have both been interested in a wide range of non-fiction, young adult fiction, philosophy, Australian and world history, as well as local authors. Kit keeps her eye out for new stock in Melbourne and manages Benjamin Jay’s social media accounts as well as Plumes Emporium’s Instagram account, and assists with Plumes’ website.

The stall also carries a variety of DVDs, CDs and records, as well as a beautiful range of postcards, artwork and numerous other small ‘finds’.

Benjamin Jay supports local writers and poets, and are happy to provide shelf space for local authors’ works. They are also able to offer a range of professional writing and editing services.