Bendigo Craft Cache

Having learned to embroider, knit and crochet when she was 10, Bendigo Craft Cache developed from Jen Uren’s hobby of crocheting for pleasure. Initially Jen made a few toys for friends, and after that began receiving requests from their friends, and Bendigo Craft Cache grew from there. Her friend Karen, of Handmade by Karen, completes the business at Plumes Emporium with her own unique gnome creations, guaranteed to bring a smile and add colour to your life.

Over the last few  years Jen has experienced an increase in demand for her handcrafted toys, animals, dolls, mobiles, home decor and mini figure and jigsaw frames as even more people come to appreciate having something made to order as well as choosing from a wide range of off the shelf creations in stock at Plumes Emporium. “I like the challenge of designing one-off custom orders,” she said.

Jen also enjoys people’s response to her creations, especially her quirkier dolls like music stars Ziggy Stardust, Angus from ACDC, Elvis and Freddy Mercury. If you’re a footy fan, you can purchase a doll or sheep made in your team’s colours; if you’re a film buff, what about Harley Quinn, Pennywise, Frank N Furter or the Joker? TV characters your thing? She has previously made David Tennant’s Dr Who, and Scully and Mulder, as well as children’s characters Shaun the Sheep, Bluey, Sponge Bob and The Wiggle’s Emma. A range of superheroes are always in stock, too. There’s no limit to what you can imagine and Jen can crochet (as long as there’s enough yarn!).

Karen’s gnomes are also quirky and colourful and each has their own personality, her Christmas gnomes being particular favourites with customers. Jen is always coming up with new creations; Plumes has seen a constant stream of sloths, turtles, birds, storybook characters (complete with a book), coasters, zooper dooper holders and reusable water balloons go home with happy new owners. The stall also carries a range of yarn and accessories for you to try your hand at your own creations, as well as a few hand-knitted pieces such as children’s jumpers and knee rugs.

If you have a design in mind you’d like to see made you can contact them at: