Allea Handcrafts

Allea Handcrafts is the outlet of crafty sisters Ali Henderson and Lea Rankin who have been handcrafting since childhood. Growing up on a farm near Swan Hill in Victoria, their mother taught them various handcrafts: traditional knitting, sewing and crochet as well as spinning, tatting, leather crafts, paper crafts and more. They can even remember being taught to knit using four inch nails instead of knitting needles!

Lea is the queen of handcrafts, making greeting cards, crocheting, creating knitted tea cosies, gloves, baby’s hats and bibs and various other hand-sewn items. She lives on acreage near Bendigo, Victoria with her husband Ian, a small dog called Midge and a menagerie of wildlife roaming the paddocks.

Ali is passionate about fabric and spends her time in her studio designing and sewing bags and purses in a variety of designs and sizes as well as household items. She lives in Newport, Victoria with her British husband Barney.